Car Storage

Whether it's for the long term or something more brief, you can store your cars at Storage Corner! Most of our facilities have a selection of units ideal for car storage. We can help find the right option for you.

Keep in mind:


Storage Corner has video recording, automated gate access, and enclosed facilities at select sites to provide security.


Check the site page of the location that you're interested in to see what the access hours are.


Where the weather is harsher, often indoor storage is the ideal option.

Storage Options for Cars

Each storage unit type has its own perks and reasons for choosing it.


Most cars will fit in at least one of our unit sizes. Here's are some common choices:
  • 10x15: Some compact cars
  • 10x20: Sedans, SUVs, vans, pickup trucks
  • 10x25: Large pickup trucks and vans
Indoor storage is great for storing cars that you especially treasure including luxury, classic, or sports vehicles.


Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and is suitable for locations with ideal weather.


Covered storage provides protection from snow, hail, the sun, and other elements as well. It's cheaper than indoor storage and is a great option in locations with decent weather.

Car Storage Tips

Whether it's long or short-term car storage that you seek, car maintenance is an important part of the plan.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil is important for any sort of long-term car storage.

Unplug the Car Battery

Batteries slowly lose their charge over time when not in use. In cold environments, they deplete even faster. Disconnecting the battery will slow down this process.

Use a Car Cover

A car cover is great for any type of storage, especially outdoor storage. It helps to protect against damage from the sun and the rain.