Why Boat Storage?

Cold Climate

Storing your boat in the water isn't ideal in areas that experience severe cold weather. Dry storage can help you protect your boat and give you that peace of mind.

Home and Neighborhood Constraints

Whether you don't have enough driveway space or your HOA doesn't allow parking for your boat, Storage Corner has options that will give you flexibility with storing your boat.

Keep in Mind:


Please visit the facility's page to see the access hours.

Weather Conditions

Storage Corner has indoor, outdoor, and covered spaces available for boats. Depending on the severity of the weather in your local area, spaces that are covered or inside may suit your needs. Covered Storage is popular in general for boats in places with strong sun or rain.

Storage Options For Boats


Indoor storage offers the most protection for your boat with both enclosure and a roof. Storage Corner has a nice range of unit sizes to accomodate your boat's dimensions.


Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and is suitable for locations with ideal weather.


Covered storage provides protection from snow, hail, the sun, and other elements as well. It's cheaper than indoor storage and is a great option in locations with decent weather.


When do I have access to my boat?

Please visit the specific facility's page to see the access hours.

I'm not sure how long I actually need to store my boat. Can I rent a space on a month-to-month basis?

Absolutely! We offer flexible terms for storage.

Do boats need to be stored inside during the winter?

You can store your boat outside during winter. Just make the proper preparations to winterize it! This may include applying corrosion protection to the engine, removing drain plugs, and covering the boat to help protect it from the elements.