Why Boat Storage?

Cold Climate

Storing your boat in the water isn't ideal in areas that experience severe cold weather. Dry storage can help you protect your boat and give you that peace of mind.

Home and Neighborhood Constraints

Whether you don't have enough driveway space or your HOA doesn't allow parking for your boat, Storage Corner has options that will give you flexibility with storing your boat.

Keep in Mind:


Please visit the facility's page to see the access hours.

Weather Conditions

Storage Corner has indoor, outdoor, and covered spaces available for boats. Depending on the severity of the weather in your local area, spaces that are covered or inside may suit your needs. Covered Storage is popular in general for boats in places with strong sun or rain.

Storage Options For Boats


Indoor storage offers the most protection for your boat with both enclosure and a roof. Storage Corner has a nice range of unit sizes to accomodate your boat's dimensions.


Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and is suitable for locations with ideal weather.


Covered storage provides protection from snow, hail, the sun, and other elements as well. It's cheaper than indoor storage and is a great option in locations with decent weather.

Frequently Asked Question

When do I have access to my boat?

Please visit the specific facility's page to see the access hours.

I'm not sure how long I actually need to store my boat. Can I rent a space on a month-to-month basis?

Absolutely! We offer flexible terms for storage.

Do boats need to be stored inside during the winter?

You can store your boat outside during winter. Just make the proper preparations to winterize it! This may include applying corrosion protection to the engine, removing drain plugs, and covering the boat to help protect it from the elements.

How much do boat storage facilities cost?

The exact storage costs vary depending on the type of RV or boat storage facility you need and how long you need it for. You can get a personal quote for RV and boat storage prices from our team. Contact us via phone, email, or at any of our locations.

Is it easy to find high-quality RV and boat storage near me when I am away from home?

Anyone can use our storage facilities for their recreational vehicles while they are on the road. We have multiple locations in various hot spots to make it easier for people to keep their property safe without having to worry while away from home.
There are usually a few boat storage options around, but not all have the security, location, and services you want and need. At Storage Corner, we offer a range of boat storage, uncovered and enclosed, in the best spots for proximity to the marina, local amenities, and accommodation.

Is there boat and RV storage near me open during the off-season?

Our boat and RV storage facilities are available all year round in locations in Utah, Idaho, and California. If you need somewhere to keep your recreational vehicle or boat safe and covered when the holiday and boating season is done, park up with us!

How do I know what kind of boat or RV storage facilities are right for me?

Choosing the best type of storage comes down to several factors. It depends a lot on the size and type of boat you have, how long you need to leave it, and what level of protection you require. The weather conditions at your location during the time your boat will be stored also impact your choice.
Enclosed boat storage offers by far the most protection regardless of the season, but it is also the most costly option. Outdoor storage is the most budget-friendly option if boat storage costs are your leading concern. It is a great option for short-term storage or longer storage in areas with reliable good weather.
If somewhere in the middle sounds best, then covered storage is best. It provides plenty of protection from the elements at a great price and offers security for your boat or RV.

Can I get help moving my boat in and out of storage?

Yes, you can! Our team is here to help as much or as little as you like. Staff are available on site to assist you.

Is it possible to reserve boat storage in advance or pay on the day?

You can book your boat storage online for any of our locations or drop in to see us in-store for last-minute bookings. Alternatively, call us ahead of time to check availability to save you coming in. We are all about convenient, fuss-free boat storage for everyone at any time.

Does Storage Corner work with business clients as well as individuals?

Storage Corner offers RV and boat storage facilities for individual consumers and businesses on every scale. Contact our representatives for more details about using our services as a corporate client.

How do payments work?

You can pay for your boat storage on a monthly basis for as long as you need to. It is possible to pay several months in advance if preferred. There is a short grace period, but late fees may apply.

Why choose Storage Corner over other boat storage companies?

We provide all the must-have boat storage facilities and services to make life easier, but we go the extra mile to ensure convenience, accessibility, and affordability for everyone.
Despite having a large operation across multiple popular locations, we maintain a personalized and friendly local feeling wherever we work. Our clients rate us highly and appreciate the flexibility with which we operate- whether you want hands-on assistance or completely contact-free rentals. On top of that, we speak English and Spanish for a more inclusive, accessible service.
The locations we offer are tough to beat, our prices are competitive, and we implement sustainable green initiatives as part of our culture.