5 Tips to Declutter Your Retail Store


Storage Corner
March 9th, 2022

Learning a few practical clutter-busting tricks can keep your business from looking like a maze, so it can finally feel like the space you’ve been dreaming of at last!

1. Create a decluttering checklist.

It’s best to stay on track when you know right where you are at a simple glance.
Create a list of your top three or so “cluttery” areas and make organizing them up a part of your weekly work routine.

2. Pick a decluttering strategy that best suits your business.

The best approach is to find a system that works best for your business. i.e, have limited team or resources?
Work and dedicate to one area each week.

Maybe you have more than one person helping you, so you can set daily tasks for you and your team and keep an eye on the organization.

If you have a busy business maybe your strategy can be to work all this every morning, or perhaps it is best at the end of the shift? You can craft your strategy accordingly, don’t be afraid

Think of it like this: If your system works with you, it will work for you.

3. Ask yourself what items you actually use, and remove the rest!

You have to start identifying the things you are 100% sure you will use in your everyday operations. Always remember to use your energy to simplify.

Go through all items individually but quickly initially discard anything that isn’t necessarily needed right now, right there.

4. Make sure everything has a “place”

Once you have started designing “places” for specific elements, it will be easier to keep’em in the chosen places.
Go area by area, category by category, and don’t let anything just “stand by”.

5. Keep “clutter” smartly

Invest in storage for your inventory, replacement parts, season-themed decoration, essentially everything you won’t be needing right now, right there BUT that you’ll need to have access anytime.

This will allow you to organize your clutter, so all surfaces stay clean and minimal!
When applicable, opt for storage solutions, not only will it help keep your spaces clear, it’ll make accessing frequently used items easier!

If there are items you need to store, we're equipped to accommodate you with our multiple locations in Utah and Idaho.📍

For more details, call our main office today! We’re happy to help you find the right storage unit and at the best price you can find (435) 213-4710 📞