How to Easily Clean Out your Storage Unit to Start the New Year Fresh!


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December 29th, 2021

Many people think that cleaning up their storage unit is something you only need to do when you vacate the unit.
This is far from the truth.

Over time, people might even forget what items they have stored in seldom-visited units.
If your storage unit isn’t cleaned out from time to time, how will you know what you have inside it?

At this point you could be storing items that are broken, damaged or obsolete that may no longer hold value to you, so why have them taking up space?
Cleaning out a storage unit you haven't visited in a while can seem overwhelming, but we have some tips to help you get done with it once and for all.

Start with an Inventory
We know this may sound like an endless task, but knowing what you have is important in order to ultimately save yourself some time.
Try to look at the task from a positive perspective, you may find some items that bring you back good memories or valuables that you can even sell.

Start simple and just take inventory of what you can see and access for now.
As you set aside the items you want to give up you will make room to take inventory of the rest.

Have a Plan
Now that you know what you have in your unit, you can make a plan for what to do with it. For this part, you can go old school with a handwritten list of the items you want to keep, the items you want to donate, the items you want to sell, and the ones you just want to throw away.
Cleaning up the storage unit is a difficult task, but it is more effective to make a solid plan before you start.

If you have large items such as furniture or heavy machinery, now is the time to make arrangements to have a vehicle big enough ready to move them.
That will make everything much easier during the process.

Clean and Reorganize
Now that you have made some extra room in the storage unit, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and clean your space.
This is never a pleasant task but it will make you feel much better once you are done with it and you will be surprised with how dirty a storage unit can get if you have never cleaned it before.

If you are done with the cleaning, the next step is to reorganize the items you decided to keep.
And if you have items stored in a box, now is the time to write what’s inside each box on every box to save up some time in the future when you decide to organize your storage unit again.

We hope you find this guide useful to take the next step towards a more organized and decluttered new year!

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