How To Master Home-Organizing in 5 Simple Steps


Storage Corner
July 13th, 2021

Do you ever look around your home and feel overwhelmed by the clutter surrounding you?

Maybe you have tried to follow Marie Kondo’s advice but can’t seem to get a grasp on it?

Are you guilty of stashing said clutter away, promising yourself you'll tackle it another day?

A thorough declutter is one of the best ways to instantly refresh your home, we give you these 5 simple steps to help make your home organizing a breeze. 🏠✨✅

1. Find a place for every item 🪴
One reason things pile up on counters, tables, and floors is that they have no “home”, so make sure everything has its own space. If it’s something you use frequently, make sure the storage place is easy to access.
2. Hold off on container shopping 🛍
Clutter victims often think the solution is to stock up on organizing products, so they head to the nearest superstore and stock up on bins and boxes. Shop for storage items only after you’ve done some decluttering to understand the scope of the problem, the specific cause, and an appropriate solution.
3. Dump duplicates ❌
Why have two non-stick spatulas when one is enough? Why have six hairbrushes or 17 coffee mugs? Throwing out duplicates is one of the easiest ways to quell declutter. A simple rule? One in, one out. If you buy something new, get rid of something that is old.
4. Weed out your wardrobe 👚
Odds are your closet is full of clothes that are rarely worn. Does a particular garment no longer fit? Or maybe it's uncomfortable? Toss it into a box. Then take the box to a favorite charity or a consignment store. And don't hold onto things because you think you might need them someday. One key to decluttering is getting rid of things, not simply rearranging them.
5. Stick to a schedule 🖊
Some spaces, like kitchen counters, need daily decluttering. Others can be tackled weekly or monthly. When that time comes, be systematic. Take all the items in a defined area (a cabinet, a desk drawer), and spread them out so you can see what you're facing. Then sort them into two piles: utensils you use regularly and those you don't use. Be patient -- effective decluttering takes time.
Now you know how you and your family can keep a tidy home. Once you have achieved balance and order in your home, staying organized is the trick, but if you keep practicing these steps we promise it will be a lot easier!
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