4 Reasons Why More People Are Using Self Storage (And Why you Should Consider Doing It)

Storage Corner | November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

We can all agree these past couple of years have been everything but ordinary, house prices are on the rise, many of us have been forced to work from home (even if we might not have the room), and more people seem to be downsizing or decluttering their homes.

If you are still wondering whether renting a storage unit is the right choice for you or you just want to know what are the pros and cons of doing it, we got you covered.

Read on to learn all about why more people are using self-storage and trusting it with their belongings.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

As remote work becomes the new normal, people are now free to travel wherever they want, whenever they want. Travelers need to declutter before they move, and instead of leaving important items in unoccupied homes for extended periods of time, they are opting to store them in storage facilities.

Because storage units have such a low price point, people usually don't think twice about renting, even if the unit never gets filled. This gives them the security they need and the ease of access they want. Self-storage tenants are reluctant to throw things away until things get back to normal, especially when the price of almost everything seems to be going up.


Whether it’s kids going off to college, or a life event like losing a job, people are downsizing from big houses to smaller spaces. With this comes the decision of what to do with all the stuff that won’t fit into the reduced square feet of a townhouse, condo, or apartment.

While some decide to part with their extra belongings through garage sales or donating them to charity, others decide to keep at least a portion of their possessions in storage lockers. This gives them the option of eventually taking those items out of storage when moving back to a larger home, or choosing to hand them over to their family when the time is right.

Seasonal Storage Needs

As decorating for each holiday becomes a bigger and bigger trend, so do the extreme amounts of decorations that have to live somewhere when they are not being used. Increasingly, people are choosing to rent storage units to store these extra items.

The same goes for lawn and garden items such as patio furniture, fire pits, umbrellas, and more. To extend their lifespan, placing them in a climate-controlled storage unit keeps them at a regulated temperature.


In a way, we’re all collectors of something, whether it’s photographs, ball game tickets, children’s art, or the more serious collector that collects stamps, baseball cards, books, or a million other things.

All this collecting comes at the cost of losing a room in the home, garage, attic, or basement. That’s when collectors head towards a storage facility that can offer them the space they need to keep all their other belongings safe and sound.

Why should you use self-storage?

Self-storage offers a fantastic opportunity to reduce clutter in your home and store your belongings in a safe space.

So why do people use self-storage?

  • Flexibility: With self storage, you can store as little or as much as you like, for as long as you need. And it’s simple to scale up or down your space depending on your individual needs.
  • Security: At Storage Corner, all our properties are monitored with security cameras 24/7, each surrounded by high-quality fencing and only accessible through our security gates.
  • Contact-free move-ins: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made it safer for you to rent your unit online by contacting us online or by telephone.

Need a place to store your items? We’ve got you covered. For more information call our main office today (435) 213-4710.

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