5 Reasons To Use a Self-Storage Unit

Storage Corner | November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

5 Reasons To Use a Self-Storage Unit

Compared to renovating existing buildings or renting additional rooms, self-service storage units provide a secure, economical option for people and businesses that want to keep their belongings in a safe location.

But in addition to economic considerations, there are many reasons more and more people now use self-service storage units as an extension of their personal or professional space. Here we share five reasons why you could use a storage unit:

1. A Safe Place for Seasonal Equipment 🎃🎄

Individuals or organizations that use seasonal equipment or hardware (such as ski equipment, gardening tools, or camping gear) usually don’t want these things to occupy space in their homes all year long.

The self-storage unit allows such seasonal or extra items to be safely stored during periods when they are not required.

2. Moving to a New Home 🚚

Moving to a new location is not always a simple process that can be completed in one day.

Delays often happen, and with no backup options, if your belongings are ready but your new home is not yet available, you may be in a real dilemma.

Self-storage provides a midway stop where you can store your belongings until you are ready and able to move them into your new home.

3. Downsizing 🧹🧺

If you move into a smaller house, you may not be able to organize all your belongings on time. Although some people decide to part with their extra stuff through garage sales or donate them to charity, others decide to keep at least part of their belongings in lockers.

Rather than making a hasty decision you may regret later, it is better to put the extras in a storage unit so that you can organize them after the move.

4. You are a Frequent Traveler 🚍✈️

Frequent travelers may need to get short-term accommodation (for example, holiday villas, residence for short-term work contracts). It may be simply impractical to transfer all their valuables every time they travel.

Self-storage units solve these problems by providing necessary space and protection to store items that are not needed during travel. And you can also negotiate a lease contract for the most convenient length of time.

5. Storing Business Inventory 📉🗂🗄

Large organizations and small entrepreneurs usually need to store samples, inventories, business files, and important documents related to their work. However, because office and storage space heavily occupy their annual budget, renting a larger space may not be their best option.

Self-storage units can provide climate controlled "mini-warehouse" facilities, and the cost is much lower than that of property leasing.

If there are items you need to store, we're equipped to accommodate you with our multiple locations in Utah📍

For more details, call our main office today! We’re happy to help you find the right storage unit and at the best price you can find (435) 213-4710 📞

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