5 Self-Storage Tips for Business Owners

Storage Corner | November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

If you run a business, the last thing you want to do is worry about the lack of space in the office, workshop or display area. The messy or cluttered appearance of these rooms will not leave a good impression on your customers.

Space management problems can be easily solved by renting a self-service storage unit. It can be a cost-effective solution too, especially if you:

- Downsize, remodel, or renovate your business.

- Relocate to a new area.

- Store seasonal items such as tents, outdoor stalls or patio furniture.

- Store excess inventory, documents, or office supplies.

Here are some tips for business storage that’ll keep your office space clean and collaborative:

Choose the correct unit size 📏

Before deciding on a specific unit, be sure to keep your storage needs in mind. Whether you have too much office furniture or your file cabinet is full of paperwork, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a unit: How much do you need to store? What are you going to store? Knowing the quantity or size of the items you plan to store can help determine the size unit you need.

Store with a facility that has good security 🚨

Security should be a top priority when you’re looking for a storage facility to help with your business storage needs. Storing your office supplies in a self-storage unit can give you the tranquility you need, as they can often be safer than if they were stored at your office; whether that’s in your home or in an office building. Look for a storage facility that has cameras and coded gate entry.

Consider climate control of sensitive items 🥵

For computer equipment, sensitive documents, pharmaceutical samples, furniture or anything that may be affected by vermin, extreme heat, cold, or humidity, storage units with climate control functions should be seriously considered. That way you will ensure that your items stay in their best shape for as long as needed.

Place your boxes strategically 📦

Make sure you can easily access the boxes or items you often need. Place the most important boxes at the front of your storage unit and make sure you have enough room to move around to get to items at the back. Going vertical is a good way to ensure this - use the height of your unit and make room to walk around.

Make an inventory list 📝

You could spend ages looking for items that are no longer in your storage unit. Create an inventory list of your items and ‘check out’ when you remove them. This way you’ll know exactly what is in your unit at all times and you will find what you need faster.

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