How to Make Moving Fun in 5 Steps

Storage Corner | November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

There is no reason why you shouldn't be enjoying moving to your new home!

Let’s forget the word ‘stressful’ from your move and start to look at it as an opportunity to create some great memories and of course, to have some fun.

1. Make it easy on yourself ⭐️

When you're working on packing things up, think about how you will be unpacking.

Basically, look for any and every opportunity to make your moving easier.

Here are a few tips:

If you have furniture like dressers or desks filled up with clothes or office supplies, leave them in there rather than taking everything out and packing it separately.

The moving company can wrap up your furniture and make sure the drawers stay put.

The same goes for any drawer organizer you have at home, you don’t have to empty them in order to move them to your new home.

This way, when you get to your new place, you'll know exactly where everything is!

2. Stay Positive ❤️

This is one of the most important things you can do. You and your family may feel sad that you are leaving a home you have lived in for many years.

And moving isn’t exactly a relaxing activity. However, you can turn it around by thinking that it’s also the first day of an exciting new life.

When you stay as upbeat as possible, you will find this attitude can be contagious.

Just maintain a positive attitude, and see how everything becomes easier!

3. Have a Picnic 🥙🧺

Almost everyone will agree that delicious food can make you feel really good.

Think ahead of time what kind of food you will have available on moving day. When you take a break, you can have a picnic and provide food that everybody can agree on.

For example, you can order burgers for everyone, or anything you like from a restaurant near you.

Take advantage of the situation to try something new and have a great family moment.

4. Play It Loud 🎶🎤

Create a couple of playlists with all your favorite songs: the packing playlist and the unpacking playlist.

Even if it sounds a bit silly, you will find that it makes your packing and unpacking tasks more enjoyable.

This can also apply to everything else on your to-do list during your move.

If you want to feel energetic, pick some upbeat songs with a great rhythm to get you moving faster than you know and make packing way more fun.

5. Make it a party 🥳🍾

Like we said before, moving can be a sad time as you leave your known and loved lifestyle to go to the unknown.

But the experience itself doesn’t have to be a negative one. We suggest that you organize a gathering or a party before you move and have a fantastic time with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Moving is a great reason to get everyone together and have a great time before moving day, so don’t think twice about it!

We hope you find these tips useful to make your moving easier and more relaxing. Remember that you can count on us to back you up with our storage solutions and contactless rentals and payments.

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