New Renters' Guide to Self-Storage

Storage Corner | November 1, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Are you thinking about renting a storage unit?

Regardless of where you are in the process of renting a self-storage unit, here are some tips and tricks.

We understand that renting a storage unit is not a simple event, which is why at Storage Corner, we always try to inform potential customers and long-standing customers alike on what is involved with renting a storage unit.

Our team has gathered several self-storage tips over the years, which we want to share with you in this spirit. There are some storage unit tips that may seem obvious, while others might be useful and even critical. We hope this article will help you move in easily!

1. Make sure you find the best storage unit deal before renting

In the case that this is your first time renting a storage unit, you may qualify for a discount. You should also ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the closest facility to my home?
  • Does anyone offer remote leasing services?
  • Which sites offer the space I want?

2. Determine the size of the storage unit you need

When renting a storage unit at the last minute, most people make a mental list.

The estimated size can sometimes turn out to be larger than the client needs, resulting in a larger bill. Other times, underestimating how much space you need can cause a lot of stress since you'll run out of space halfway through unpacking. Take a rough inventory of what you plan to store in the unit and how long you intend to keep it.

Measuring larger items before renting a storage unit will help you to decide which type and size of the unit to rent.

3. Ensure that your belongings are kept as safe as possible

To keep their items out of harm's way, customers can follow some simple self-storage tips. Be sure to get a lock that is strong and reliable. Certain locks are more easily broken into than others. You should also be aware of what is kept in your storage unit at all times.

Consider a storage facility with most of the following safety features:

  • Lighting that is adequate
  • Surveillance/CCTV
  • Key-pad entry
  • Clean, well-kept property

4. Know your rental payment schedule

Never be late on your rent payments. Check whether an auto-pay option is available if you have trouble remembering.

Prior to renting, ask the store manager what else you should be aware of. Additionally, make sure you read your contract word for word to avoid any surprises.

Late fees are usually charged by storage companies, and if the payment is not made after a certain period, the unit could be repossessed.

We hope these self-storage tips made things a little less intimidating and helped you get a better sense of what goes into renting.

We are here to help, so if you have any other questions about renting, please feel free to contact us directly!

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