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Why you should consider moving during the summer (and 5 tips to do it)

Moving Tips

It’s estimated that over 40 million Americans move each year, and 64% of those who move, do so between the months of May to September. Summer has some clear and obvious benefits as to why it’s often considered the best time of year to move. For those with families, moving during the summer means no disruption of the school year or daily routine for the children, and, since this is when most people move, this is also the time when there are the most housing options on the market. Summer is also the most popular season for garage sales which is the perfect way for you to get rid of that extra clutter while making some side cash to help pay for the move; the timing couldn’t be better! Finally, before you start your summer move, take a few minutes to read through these moving tips! 1. Consider hiring a moving company — If your budget allows for it, you might hire professionals to handle the moving process for you. Is hiring movers a significant expense? It is, but considering the amount of hard work that it will save you, it’s an expense that is worth paying if you can afford it. 2. Pack well in advance of your moving date — Start by packing things that you know you need, but you don’t need right now, like winter clothes, books, or seasonal home decor for example. 3. When moving in the summer you need to be careful with certain items that you put into a moving truck — Small, fragile items can be easily damaged or broken when treated improperly. Other valuables like fine art and musical instruments should also travel with you when possible. These items could be susceptible to damage related to temperature changes or changing weather. You should also consider a climate-controlled storage unit to cut down on your time in the heat. 4. If your schedule allows it, try moving during the week — Moving on weekends ...

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July 13th, 2021