Locations in Orem, UT

We offer two storage facilities to help meet the storage needs of Orem, UT and the surrounding communities. Whether you need storage for your household items or your business inventory, check us out - we have the options you're looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you tired of not having enough space for all your belongings? Here at Storage Corner, we have a quick, easy, and effective solution for you: self-storage units. From large options, such as boat storage and RV storage, to locker-sized units, we certainly have the right storage unit for you! We rent units to the people of Orem, UT, with the goal of making their lives simpler and more comfortable. Therefore, if you want to know more about our storage rental services, here are some of the most frequently asked questions our professionals get:

Are Your Orem Self-storage Units Safe?

Yes, our Orem, UT, self-storage facilities are designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. Our facilities are outfitted with a number of security features, including lockable individual units, a gated entrance, and security cameras. When you rent a self-storage unit from us, you can have peace of mind knowing that all your belongings are safe. While we pride ourselves on providing accessible storage units, we also want to ensure that our security is up to standard and that your belongings aren't at risk of theft.

If you’re interested in our 400S location, you’ll notice that security is one of our top-priorities. Apart from the beautifully-installed pavement, we’re adding in cameras and gates to give you peace of mind. Those who are interested in our 1200W location will already benefit from our security cameras and gates. Therefore, both our facilities are great locations that you can have comfort over.

What Storage Size Do I Need?

The storage unit size you need will differ depending on what you need to store and the number of items you need to store. If you're only looking to tuck away a few boxes, a 5'x5' unit would be sufficient. However, if you need to park a car, for example, you would definitely be looking at 10'x20' unit sizes. Do you need something in the middle for some furniture pieces or bedroom items? Then, a 10'x10' unit could be the perfect storage unit for you.

Do You Offer Climate-controlled Storage Units in Orem, UT?

Yes, our climate-controlled units are ideal for those who have valuables that need to be protected from moisture, heat, cold, and more. You could benefit from this option if you need to store paperwork, clothes, wooden items, and other sentimental or precious goods. This is beneficial for places such as Utah, that generally experience very hot summers and cold winters. However, if you don't want to pay for a climate-controlled unit, there's no need to panic. We offer a range of non-climate-controlled units that are also perfect for your storage needs.

Can My Orem, UT, Business Benefit from Self-storage?

Absolutely! You can use a storage unit for a wide range of purposes. Do you need a place to organize and store your files and paperwork? A storage unit is the perfect place, especially if it's a climate-controlled unit. If you have a lot of stock on hand and simply don't have the space, a storage unit is the ultimate solution. Business owners that need to store furniture and other supplies could benefit from our larger units.

What Types of Storage Can I Find in Orem, UT?

Storage Corner offers various types of Orem, UT, self-storage units. From smaller to larger units and elevator and drive-up access units, we have it all. We also offer more than your regular self-storage units. While you can easily use one of our units to store appliances, furniture, and other household accessories and items, we also provide a range of specialized options. From boat to vehicle storage units, we also have a place for your vehicles and other large valuables that need a designated home or parking spot.

How Do I Rent a Storage Unit in Orem, UT?

When you rent an Orem, UT, storage unit from Storage Corner, you can expect a simple and smooth process. Once you contact our facility, we'll give you all the information you need in terms of pricing, availability, and specific requirements. If you're satisfied with the terms, you can complete the rental agreement, and we'll take care of everything else to help secure your self-storage unit.

Can I Store Any Type of Items in Your Orem, UT, Self-storage Units?

While you can store a wide range of items in our Orem, UT storage units, there are certain limitations and restrictions. These rules and regulations are put in place to ensure compliance and safety. Generally, hazardous, flammable, illegal, and perishable items are prohibited. If you're unsure as to whether something you want to store is permitted, feel free to get in touch with our facility's staff. We'll be more than happy to give you a list of items that are and aren't allowed.

Can I Purchase Packing and Moving Supplies at Your Office?

Yes, our storage facility does provide moving and packing items on-site. This generally consists of tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and other packaging supplies to help you get your belongings ready for storage. Don't hesitate to ask one of our staff members for assistance.

Why Should You Rent an Orem, UT, Self-storage Unit?

Most people rent storage units because:

  • Self-storage is extremely beneficial when you're moving to a new home or apartment in Orem, UT: Orem is a bustling area that prevents many job opportunities and potential for growth. Therefore, it's no surprise that people want to move here. Renting a self-storage unit is one way to make the process go as smoothly as possible.
  • This helps you maintain a neat and tidy home: People living in smaller homes often need more space for their items, whether that be seasonal clothing, outdoor equipment, motorbikes, bicycles, etc. By renting a storage unit, you'll be able to maximize and enjoy your space at home. This also applies to residents with big homes and families. Renting a storage unit is a fantastic way to get rid of that clutter that's driving you insane.
  • It's useful for students who need to store their belongings during summer break: This is a more economical option for students who don't live at home and are renting apartments. Storage units are much more affordable than accommodation. Therefore, during your summer break, you can put your personal belongings in storage and save all that rent money!