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Car Storage

Car Storage Tips

Whether it's long or short-term car storage that you seek, car maintenance is an important part of the plan.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil is important for any sort of long-term car storage.

Unplug the Car Battery

Batteries slowly lose their charge over time when not in use. In cold environments, they deplete even faster. Disconnecting the battery will slow down this process.

Use a Car Cover

A car cover is great for any type of storage, especially outdoor storage. It helps to protect against damage from the sun and the rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know I'm Getting Indoor Car Storage Near Me with a Full Suite of Security?

Our storage units for cars are designed for protection just as much as they are for being a holding space. We have a slew of security features built into the way we operate including automated gate access, video recording, and enclosed facilities.

We understand that your vehicle represents a substantial spend and the last thing you would want is for it to become lost or vandalized because the security of the storage location was not what it should have been to offer you the protection you need.

Rest assured that your vehicle is protected when you choose to use Storage Corner.

When Can I Access the Vehicle Storage Facility?

Since we have different locations that are affected and guided by different factors, we don't use a standard accessibility scheme across the board. Be that as it may, we do ensure that the information you need is readily available.

To this end, we've set up location pages for each of our locations, which will have all the specific details you need on when you can access the storage unit for your car.

Bear in mind that the times available are selected to ensure that your and other vehicles are protected and that we can effectively manage entry and exit considering the valuable nature of what we store. We do want to have everyone's vehicles stay in good shape, after all!

Are There Vehicle Storage Options for SUVs?

We may use the verbiage "storage unit for cars" from time to time, but that doesn't mean cars are the only things we store. Our design was meant to ensure that most cars will be able to fit in one of the unit sizes that we have available.

Among the most common choices we see are the 10x15, which is used for compact cars, the 10x20, which is used for pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, etc., and the 10x25, which is used for larger vans and pickup trucks.

As you're getting started on using our service, you'll be able to select from our array of offerings, so you'll get the one that best meets your immediate needs.

What Can I Do to Prepare My Vehicle for the Car Storage Unit?

We advise all our clients to ensure that their vehicles are well-prepared for storage before they come to the unit. While you should also do this if you're only storing the vehicle for the short term, it becomes nonnegotiable if long-term storage is desired.

Start by ensuring that your oil is changed. Since the vehicle is going to be off and the oil is going to be still and not circulating, the last thing you want is for it to be in a dirty state for when you are ready to use the vehicle again.

Car batteries will lose their charge as time passes when they aren't in use since the alternator wouldn't be running to charge them. This effect happens even faster when the environment is cold. We advise you to slow down this process by having the battery disconnected.

We would also recommend that you use a car cover to protect your vehicle against sun and rain damage by using a car cover. Sure, it may be more of a concern for outside storage, but even indoor storage applications can benefit from using one too!

Why Wouldn't I Choose an Outdoor Storage Space Considering It's Cheaper to Do So?

If your only concern is how much the storage is going to cost you, then by all means, feel free to use outdoor storage as it does cost less to do so. However, there may be specific circumstances in which external storage options simply won't cut it.

For example, if you want to ensure that your vehicle is protected from snowy weather, that's not going to happen with it being outside.

Additionally, if you're storing a luxury car or a sport vehicle, considering the value, you may want to take advantage of internal storage options.

How Long Can I Use a Parking Space to Hold My Vehicle?

Once you're paying for our spaces, we don't impose any kind of limit on our clients. This is why we say that our storage options are great for those who need short-term storage and those who require something along the longer line.

Why Should I Choose Storage Corner for My Covered Parking Needs?

There are many reasons to choose Storage Corner for your vehicle storage needs. One is the comfort of being able to use one of many locations.

Next, there's the fact that our processes can have as much or as little contact as you want. Do you want to talk to someone and come in for your payments? You can do that.

Do you prefer to minimize talking to anyone and handling your business online instead? You can do that too!

You are our customer after all, and our entire business model revolves around ensuring that you are as comfortable as you could possibly be throughout your engagements with us!

Is This Offering Available to Business Clients?

Yes. Our offerings are available to individuals and business clients.

Do I Need to Show Up at the Store to Pay?

No. While you can do so if you so desire, we've also made it convenient to make your payments online and minimize interactions as much as you want to.

How Do I Reach the Nearest Location to Me?

You can visit the location page that is relevant to you for both contact and direction information.

Are There Special Provisions for People with Disabilities?

Yes. If ADA accommodation is needed or auxiliary aides or services, you need only let us know by either calling in, sending an email, or visiting the location.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Be Processed?

There isn't a processing period per se. Whether you want to handle your business in person or online, you'll find that the process is over in just about no time!

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