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5 Desk Organizing Hacks (Easy Ones!)


Is your office or desk space a cluttered mess? Are you finding it hard to be productive or get things done just because you can’t find your tools? We have all been there, but don’t worry, you don’t have to stay there! Keep your desk/office clean and organized with these 5 desk organizing tips. Divide Up Your Desk Drawers 🗂 Simple-yet-powerful rule: each drawer must serve a different function. Try to assign a function to each drawer on your desk. For example, the top drawer can be for tape, pens, hand lotion, and other similar items, the one below can be for notebooks, papers, books, and another for things such as tissues, USBs, adapters, and other things. Extra tips: Use trays of different sizes to help you see and organize better and also, only use the top drawers for frequently used items. Take Charge of Paper Clutter 📄 We all know how easy it is to let papers pile up in your desk. Take control of the clutter before it takes over your space. Go through every piece of paper in your office by using a simple system: shred/toss it, file it or take action from it. Wrap Your Cords 🔌 This is a bit challenging but at the same time, one of the most rewarding when seeing the results of the effort you put into it! Velcro cable ties are very helpful in keeping long wires tucked away. Remember to keep cords and chargers neatly tucked away in a drawer when not in use. You can loop them and hold them using zip ties or reusable little cable ties. You might as well use colorful cable ties to keep your wires in place and easy to find. Get used to labeling everything 🏷 OK, here’s a tricky one: labeling drawers or cabinets will not only save you time and frustration but will limit the number of interruptions you get during the day. Adding labels to the boxes, baskets, and binders ...

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March 25th, 2022

Fall decor tips for your front door and porch


Create a warm space outside your home and take full advantage of the refreshing fall weather. Use simple outdoor Fall decoration ideas to decorate your porch, courtyard, yard or fire pit to welcome the harvest season. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your fall front porch decor. More than just a pumpkin 🎃 Think about the many ways these fun fruits can decorate your entryway, plus, there are a lot of different kinds of pumpkins that you can showcase on your porch. If you like getting crafty, you can even paint your pumpkins. Whether sprayed with gold or copper, covered in chalk paint, or dressed in black and white, pumpkins offer multiple décor options. Carving a pumpkin into a beautiful lantern to greet guests is a great thing, but remember that once you cut it open, the pumpkin will rot within a few days. Whole pumpkins can be stored for a long time, especially in cool climates. Give a spooky welcome 💥 There are many great styles, colors, and patterns for doormats, Pick a fall design or an eye-catching black and white pattern. Maybe go for a fun welcome message such as, “Hi there, pumpkin!” or “Boo!”. If you decide to invest in a new mat, don’t forget you can always put it away after the holidays and bring it out again next fall. Play with Fall colors 🍂🍁 Shades of gold, orange, yellow, or red are very beautiful all year round. But you might also want to consider the natural shades from the blue/green spectrum. Or how about a dark purple? It’s amazing what color can do to change up the vibe of your entryway. You can also use warm lighting. Lanterns of different sizes lit by electric candles make a dreamy warm glow. Start with what you have 🪴🪞 Add fascinating details to your fall porch and courtyard decorations with things you have lying around the house. Mix and match pieces that suit your ...

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October 13th, 2021